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Couples League

New for 2013, we are adding a Couples League, with the aim of attracting more women to take up competitive cycling, in a fun format.

Once you have both registered, you can nominate your partner to compete with you in the Couples League. At least one of you must be female.

You must each ride individually, and the faster rider should choose a start time before the slower rider, to prevent drafting and pacing, which are fobidden under CTT rules. We will swap your start times if we think the slower rider is starting before the faster one, to avoid any drafting or pacing issues, whether real or implied by other competitors.

The format allows riders of all abilities to compete together, so even if you are brand new to the sport, you have a chance of winning something in the Couples League. You don't even need a special bike, so long as it is roadworthy and you have a suitable cycling helmet.

You don't need to compete on the same day as your partner - you can take it in turns if you wish. This is particularly useful for arranging child care, juggling work commitments etc.

How to register
You should first both register individually using the 'Register Yourself' link above. Then use the form below to create your own team. Next, simply enter as many of the evening leagues as you are able to.

There are several categories, to suit all abilities.

1. Standard League - Each of you enter at least 5 events, which can be on the same days or separate. Your points are combined and prizes are awards for the couples coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

2. Best Progress - Ideal for couples new to the sport. Your combined speed performance is graphed over at least 5 events each, and prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd most improved teams.

3. Most Events ridden - We add up the total number events ridden by each partner. In the event of a tie, the winners will be drawn from a hat.
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Couples who have registered for the 2013 season
Alison Cooper Team: Alison + Geoff
Geoff Cooper Team: Alison + Geoff
Anna Priestley Team: Anna + Chris
Chris Priestley Team: Anna + Chris
David Course Team: Catherine + David
Catherine Course Team: Catherine + David
Ron Cox Team: Colette + Ron
Colette Cox Team: Colette + Ron
Richard Forster Team: Gill + Richard
Gill McBride Team: Gill + Richard
Josephine Parker Team: Josephine + Neil
Neil McAndrew Team: Josephine + Neil
Julie Tapley Team: Julie + Pete
Pete Buckingham Team: Julie + Pete
Lynda Olney Team: Lynda + David
David Olney Team: Lynda + David
Justin Burrell Team: Melissa + Justin
Melissa Burrell Team: Melissa + Justin
Steve James Team: Paula + Steve
Paula James Team: Paula + Steve
Stuart Short Team: Sarah + Stuart
Sarah Short Team: Sarah + Stuart
Susan Tusting Team: Susan + William
William Tusting Team: Susan + William
Theresa Jackson Team: Theresa + Mike
Mike Jackson Team: Theresa + Mike
Victoria Barrett Team: Victoria + Alan
Alan Barrett Team: Victoria + Alan
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